Sunday, March 30, 2014

Almost Summer Event

Click here for Required Waivers

Octane Raceway on Indian Bend Rd and 101 Freeway in Scottsdale, Arizona

has offered a

Special Event


Jacee for Kids


When:  Saturday  - May 10, 2014

Time: 6:00p.m. – 9:00pm

Limit applies – there are 216 races available during that time frame.

Purchasing one ticket equals one race. The price includes the helmet, headsock and tax.

If you would like a quick dinner hot dog and a drink purchase that ticket is online also. This is a fundraising event for Jacee for Kids.

This is a new location for the Octane Racing.

This should be fun it has an indoor track that goes outside during the race.

If we run out quickly, we will add another day.

Let’s finish the school year with strength and have some fun to start our summer!


There is a 4’4” height requirement.

 Parents must attend if you cannot please know your child will not be allowed to race without a waiver being signed by you. There are no exceptions to because it is Octane Racing's waiver. Also, a notary stamp is required.

Kids and kids at heart start your engines!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The TikiSwim is an exciting swim that is just the right have two choices!

 The Tiki Swim, now in its fourth year, is southern California's premier open water event taking place in conjunction with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Harbor Days Festival. With over 400 vendors, kid's zone and our Double Decker shuttle buses, TikiSwim4 is without a doubt the most family friendly endurance event taking place on the west coast. While all swimmers are provided a complimentary pancake breakfast from the Oceanside Firefighters Association, family members can also enjoy breakfast with a small donation at their booth.

 The 2.4 mile swim starts south of the Oceanside Pier, rounds the pier and heads north for the still waters inside the Oceanside Harbor to finish at the small craft launch ramps. There is an aid station provided by the Oceanside Outrigger and Canoe Club that will have Hammer Nutrition hydration and fuel products.
 The 1.2 mile swim starts on the sand of the harbor beach across from the finish, merges into the 2.4 mile course and then too finished at the launch ramps.

Remember all athletes receive:
Free Pancake Breakfast
Finisher Lei
Finisher Medal
Custom TikiSwim4 bucket hat
Course marked with 10+ buoys and an on-water aid station
Complementary Double Decker Shuttle Bus Ride
and one amazing experience

Awards go to:

Overall winner in the 2.4 and 1.2 mile swim for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions(no swim snobbery here!)
Top 3 in the 2.4 mile age group finishers for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions.
Top age group finisher in the 1.2 mile swim for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions.

For all of our multi-sports friends, this is a perfect opportunity to work on your Ironman or Half Ironman swims. As you may know WTC has decided to implement some changes to the swim portion at a number of events for safety reasons. Don't short change your swim training, gain experience and confidence with your swim by participating in TikiSwim4!!
Register now at

Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Next Alcatraz Swim

This year’s training has begun for the Alcatraz Swimmers for Drowning Prevention Awareness. Jacee has been out with each cold water swim to help the kids adapt to the differences of cold water versus the warm pool water.

One swimmer that is exceptional because she is determined to be successful is Annie. Yes, she has a goggle issue and yes the water is cold. Annie decided to brave the cold water and had a technical difficulty like many. Learning to be an overcomer does help you succeed.

Annie, made over one hour of the swim and her goggles got discombobulated and she had to get out. She will take the challenge on January 4th to work out the goggle issues.

As Annie overcomes this goggle issue she will find herself having more fun than she ever thought possible.

Here is a story of Jacee’s goggles getting lost in the ocean.

Jacee was swimming her first Optimis Sport Challenge and was coming into a check point when a very large wave came in and rolled her as she headed to shore. She lost her cap and goggles that day. A fellow swimmer grabbed her, as he saw her having difficulty and helped her get into the check point. She was of course crying. Well, when the safety folks told her she did not have to swim any longer she cried harder. They asked what wrong she said, I do not have a cap and goggles and I want to finish the swim. The safety team ran to their perspective cars and got her goggles. You see she was not crying because took a tumble she was crying because she couldn’t swim any more.

That day looked like it was all finished and the safety team was concerned that they had an injured child on their hands.  To their chagrin they had a child that did not know what to do because she lost her goggles. You see her pair of goggles at the start of the race broke so; she had a double surprise when she lost a second pair of goggles that she had borrowed. The lesson learned that day was to bring extra goggles and when you have enough, bring another pair.

Every open water swim can be fun and challenging. Isn’t that why you are out of the pool anyway? For the challenge!  The first step to knowing you will be an open water swimmer is being willing to give it one more try.

The Alcatraz swim is to raise money for children who may not know how to swim or need water safety classes. This swim affords you the swimmer to make a difference in the life of another person who does not know how to swim. Make it through this swim and you have not only become an open water swimmer but you get to help someone else have an opportunity to swim that may never have a chance if you do not swim.

Jacee (center) and Lilli(right) teaching Water Safety

To get involved it is not too late.

Here is the link:

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

LJ Kids Take the TikiSwim Prize

It was a beautiful morning for a swim, The TikiSwim 2013 excitement could be felt from the parking lot. Entering check-in was busy, for the volunteers. The swimmers were excited moving from the check-in to the start line of the race.

As with all ocean races the current dictates the position of the start. The race organizers picked the best position for these athletes to begin their 2.4 mile journey as they gather for the start. Each competitor had prepared for this race with their own goals in mind. Three competitors had their own plans that would be revealed at the start and finish of the race. The horn sounded and three hundred swimmers hit the 5-6 foot surf. Several were tentative but a few headed for the first buoy as if they had been there before.

The spectators boarded the double-deck buses as they watched the first swimmer hit the second buoy past the pier.  The spectators were taken to the finish area. As with each TikiSwim this was the Oceanside Harbor Days, an event that brings together a community for fun events throughout the day.  The 1.2 mile event start takes place on the west side of the harbor. 

By the time the 1.2 mile event began the first 2.4 mile swimmers were already passing the starting shoot. Heading to the corner of the harbor is a special place for spectators that desire to walk their swimmer into the boat launch of the harbor, which is the finish line. The first swimmers came around the final turn in the harbor, in approximately 45 minutes. The second place swimmer looked strong working to chase down the lead swimmer. The third place swimmer was pressing into the race narrowing the distance from the second place swimmer. The fourth place swimmer was directly on the feet of the third place swimmer. This was going to be a fun finish, which swimmer would have the stamina to finish third.

The first place swimmer finished in 51:17. Congratulations, to Luke Weniger the first place finisher and top wetsuit finisher. The second place swimmer completed his race Ben Bleichwehl his time was 52:26. He was the top traditional swimmer also the first LJ Kid Team Member. The third swimmer held on for third, Jacee Frivaldo she was the first female in the traditional category with a 53:34 finish, the second LJ Kid Team Member. And Carson Gossler finished out the LJ Kid Team in the traditional category with a 57:35. Let’s not forget the best kid training partner ever Doug Burleigh. Super job, LJ Kid Team Members!

Jacee (right) Ben (Center) and Carson (left)

Who is the LJ Kid Team they are from La Jolla Cove Swim Team and they won the prize for the fastest traditional swimmers relay.  Yes, this is year two! The kids take it again!  Doug, Carol, Toni, Steve and other team mates from La Jolla Cove Swim, Known as LJ Cove Too each had their Tiki’s when they went home! Let’s hear it for the La Jolla Cove Swim Club!

Once again the TikiSwim was a blast! An absolutely a fun event for the whole family including the dog!
Keep up the great work Brian and John!

We’ll Be Baaaack!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Congratulations, to Mateusz Sawrymowicz and Ashley Twichell the prize winners for the Tiburon Mile.


Monday, September 16, 2013

Balancing School, Music and Swimming?

As Jacee continues to swim open water successfully, the secret is out how she balances it all. She also plays viola with the Metropolitan Youth Symphony of Mesa, Arizona. And swims competitively in the pool with Swim Neptune.

Here is her secret -