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Channel Cats 2014 Catalina Relay

June 30, came very soon for Jacee. As she traveled to California once again to her second swim from Santa Catalina Island to Palos Verdes, a distance of 21 miles with a mix gender relay of all 14 year olds. We arrived at the La Jolla Cove for Jacee’s swims that would accumulate 6 miles in two days. She had fun seeing all of her La Jolla Cove Swim Club friends. Thank you to everyone who helped Jacee with her daily workouts.

On July 2nd, Jacee traveled to San Pedro for the second time in one year. This would culminate into a second successful crossing of the Catalina Channel in a mix gender relay, as a 14 year old.  The energy filled the environment and the kids and parents prepared taking the necessary steps to avoid seasickness. Gathering at the local Mexican Food Restaurant, and taking the endless pictures for the memories.

Dan and Doug shared their wisdom and advice as they always have in preparing the teenagers for various swims. This swim would seem the same but it has all the new and excited teenagers that would enthrall the hearts of everyone as the set out for their journey.

Each swimmer had their own plans for the swim but each would become part of a successful relay crossing for the first time in their lives. Accept Jacee who has swum the first relay last August 12/13, 2013. The attention was endless and each child was set with their personal preparation for the swim. Of course, the goal was successfully completing the swim as one unit.

Jacee Frivaldo, AZ

Isabella, Back, CA

Carson Gossler, CA
Ethan McVeigh, CA
Cayden Pangelinan, CA
Valerie Chin, CA

Morgan Hartley, CA - Alternate
Colin Grubensky, CA – Alternate

Each swimmer entered the water to do their part as they encountered many jellyfish, currents and waves throughout each leg of the relay. Cayden, had the pleasure of swimming with the dolphins this year and stated, “That he could hear their clicking before he actually saw them.” It was a pod of dolphins the he would swim with most of the leg of his swim.

Jacee’s journey this year was successful because there was no seasickness and she enjoyed her time with the Jellyfish. As she says, “would you let these jellyfish just jump in your house and do what they wanted. Of course, they are going to sting you.” She also stated, “That the jellies that got in her suit were just going to visit their friends as she swam through them and they fell out of the suit.”

Bella, landed the team at 8:42.xx mark unofficially. The overall swim was relatively calm and the finish had a high tide which definitely helped at the end. These awesome swimmers including both alternates Morgan and Colin had the proper preparation and joined together for a successful crossing of the Catalina Channel. Of which only 92 successful relays have been swum since 1926 through 2013.

Congratulations, to our successful Channel Cats!


Special Thanks goes to Julie, Violet, and Jim! Julie and Violet kayaked and Jim was our second observer for the swim. The LA County Fire Rescue Unit attended the finale of the swim. Oh, maybe that is because it was Julie’s Husband. Thanks for the ride back to the boat! It was much warmer than swimming the way back.


Two Mile Champion at the Southern California Cup

Jacee volunteered again this year at the USA Swimming National Open Water Championships. She enjoyed speaking to the all the great swimmers, officials and organizers. Her favorite job is marking the numbers on the swimmers. She also enjoys cutting the chips off the swimmers at the finish line.

The 10k was swum on Friday and the 5k was swum on Sunday. There is a Southern California Cup swum on Saturday where everyone in the National Championship and age group entries are invited. There was a 1-mile swim and a 2-mile swim.  Jacee encouraged the 1 mile swimmers and made friends with many of them. She then swam the 2 mile swim having a great race. In the last 500 meters Jacee, in the middle of the pack, Jacee decided to win the race and went for the finish. She and another female swimmer were working hard to be the first female in the race. In the last 50 yards Jacee commanded the field with a moved enabled her to take the lead and hold onto it, as she out touched the second place swimmer by 3 seconds.  It was a great finish for all of the swimmers.  Congratulations, to Jacee and everyone who swam all of the championship races.

The 10k races were won by Mann, Becca and Gemmell, Andrew.

The 5k races were won by Meyer, Alex and Anderson, Haley.

Congratulations, to our National Champions that will go to represent the USA at the various World Championships this year!

2014 Alcatraz and Golden Gate Bridge Swims

It was an excellent day for an open water swim and Alcatraz was the swim of the day. Approximately, one hundred swimmers entered the water that beautiful day. The water was moving swiftly and the chop was substantial. The swimmers jumped in one at a time, to promote safety first. The water was a warm 56 degrees that day and wonderful for the swimmers that did the practice swims in the very cold Scottsdale Lake. Each swimmer entered the water with their personal goal in mind.

The swift current from Alcatraz is always an issue but with the professional help of Bob Roper and his pilot Paddy and the awesome crew and staff, the swimmers knew the plan and were ready to tackle the intrepid waters of the San Francisco Bay. The reason for the swim was the Annual Swim from Alcatraz for F.A.S.T.  (The Foundation for Aquatic Safety and Training). To promote drowning prevention each year for many people that still need to learn to swim.

Jacee and Cole Whitener were two swimmers that have come back year after year, swimming this extremely fun and fast swim. The challenge is always at a personal level because there is a first place finisher that does not mean there is only one first place finisher. The main goal is for each person to add to their community. Making a difference in their community becoming and community leader by focusing on helping others  learn to swim, also encouraging a water safety mindset that will and does help save lives.

This year the first place person was Jacee and Ryan was the first place male, her challenger from last year. It was interesting Jacee commented, “The swift choppy water was the toughest in years for Jacee.” She also stated, “This swim was one of the most enjoyable swims, she has encountered.”

One special guest that Jacee was able to befriend was Liz Hunter our official Coast Guard entry. Along with Liz, there are so many individuals that make it a national and international event. It creates a goal for many swimmers to focus on during their daily training. The swimmers will take the experience back to their friends and family to encourage others to focus on swimming and drowning prevention. Enabling each swimmer to swim the “impossible swim”!

The day after the infamous Alcatraz Swim, a wonderful weekend of swimming continued with the Golden Gate Bridge Crossing (GGB).  You ask why? The best answer I can think of and have heard from several swimmers is “Why not”.  Well, yes the current is swifter, yes, you can find yourself swimming in place for several minutes and yes, you never know what to expect out there. Once again Bob Roper, Paddy and crew know how to handle the entire process. There are many safety precautions even in the toughest situations.

This year’s GGB had its stopping point for Jacee. Jacee and Liz Hunter were off and swimming together once they jumped. Starting in the middle of the pack Jacee took off passing the entire field to what looked like a first place finished until the moment came where the destination and current came together to stop the swimmers. Ryan and his friend found the way out of the current and finished the race first. Jacee finally, got to her destination and completed the swim as the first female. This year the focus would be touching the rock. Having fun in these swims is truly the goal and of course, first place is in the heart of each swimmer.

Thank you again for the wonderful event planners and organizers of these annual events!

If this article has piqued your interest here is the link for this swim. The event planners will help you through the process.

First Graders that Excite and Dream Big!

Once again, Jacee was invited back to Mrs. Horton’s first grade class to speak about goal setting and leadership. Her main focus is sharing her life to enable the kids to see a goal and achieve their individual goals in their lives. There is always much excitement from these young folks that truly inspire Jacee to see herself in new ways she could only see through the excited and encouraging eyes of these children.

Jacee has a very interactive session with these first graders as they begin to see that they can make a difference at a young age. Keep in mind Jacee was only in the second grade when she swam her first Alcatraz swim and she keeps these children close to her heart. She decided at the end of her first grade year to make this “impossible swim”.  Knowing anyone of them could become an “overnight” success, by making the choice to be challenged.

Jacee shares her life experience with the children and they respond in such positive ways. Sharing their hopes, dreams, and presenting their goals. Even though Jacee’s main focus is swimming, music and school.  Her desire is to help make excellent children of all ages. Helping others see their individual potential is the main focus.

Imagine being six again..

Someone comes into your classroom and helps you see you can make a difference in others’ lives. How far do six year olds dream? How long can they hold on to that dream with encouragement?

Building good citizens that will make a difference is the key in the succeeding. Knowing deep down no matter what, you will make a difference. That is the secret that is parlayed to approximately thirty students each year.

As always Jacee, is asked if she will swim in the Olympics by one of these bright first graders. The answer is always yes, that is a goal and I have to keep working really hard to reach that goal.

This year Jacee shared her steps and the process of swimming across the Catalina Channel with a great group of six relay swimmers. Setting the record for the first 14/15 year old relay team to be recorded by the Catalina Channel Swimming Federation the name of the relay team is “The Children’s Crusade Relay”. Oh, by the way that is a 21 mile swim from Santa Catalina Island to Los Angeles.

If you would like Jacee to speak at your group or organization please go to the link on the follow me and enter you information and she will get back to you!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The TikiSwim is an exciting swim that is just the right have two choices!

 The Tiki Swim, now in its fourth year, is southern California's premier open water event taking place in conjunction with the Oceanside Chamber of Commerce Harbor Days Festival. With over 400 vendors, kid's zone and our Double Decker shuttle buses, TikiSwim4 is without a doubt the most family friendly endurance event taking place on the west coast. While all swimmers are provided a complimentary pancake breakfast from the Oceanside Firefighters Association, family members can also enjoy breakfast with a small donation at their booth.

 The 2.4 mile swim starts south of the Oceanside Pier, rounds the pier and heads north for the still waters inside the Oceanside Harbor to finish at the small craft launch ramps. There is an aid station provided by the Oceanside Outrigger and Canoe Club that will have Hammer Nutrition hydration and fuel products.
 The 1.2 mile swim starts on the sand of the harbor beach across from the finish, merges into the 2.4 mile course and then too finished at the launch ramps.

Remember all athletes receive:
Free Pancake Breakfast
Finisher Lei
Finisher Medal
Custom TikiSwim4 bucket hat
Course marked with 10+ buoys and an on-water aid station
Complementary Double Decker Shuttle Bus Ride
and one amazing experience

Awards go to:

Overall winner in the 2.4 and 1.2 mile swim for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions(no swim snobbery here!)
Top 3 in the 2.4 mile age group finishers for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions.
Top age group finisher in the 1.2 mile swim for both Wetsuit and Traditional divisions.

For all of our multi-sports friends, this is a perfect opportunity to work on your Ironman or Half Ironman swims. As you may know WTC has decided to implement some changes to the swim portion at a number of events for safety reasons. Don't short change your swim training, gain experience and confidence with your swim by participating in TikiSwim4!!
Register now at